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About us







Your BIM integrator


SIGHTLINE GROUP achieves this goal by bringing together the human resources of experienced technical consultants, with both industry and BIM training, who can respond to the practical and IT-related (BIM  softwares) demands of construction industry professionals, such as architects and engineers.

SIGHTLINE GROUP uses a collection of methodologies and services to propose BIM solutions across 4 business lines. These solutions are based on experience and factors unique to BIM which are combined to effectively implement the BIM process.

Founded in June 2014, SIGHTLINE GROUP is a company comprising four business lines responding to the primary needs in BIM.

Strategy Line – Project Line – Model Line – Form Line

Our scope of action covers the management of properties and assets, new construction projects and renovations of existing urban zones and buildings.

Practicality, innovation and simplicity


At SIGHTLINE GROUP, we consider the training and development of our consultants and team work to be at the centre of our concerns. These are the essential elements necessary to fulfil our primary objective to deliver concrete and innovative solutions to our clients.

We believe in developing a trusting and close relationship with our clients, as well as creating and implementing concrete and lasting value added solutions to their building projects through the complete involvement of our teams and by working directly alongside our clients.

We have developed our services around values that guide our involvement with our clients and our internal life: Teamwork, enthusiasm, simplicity, practicality, ambition, innovation.

Creating a lasting, trusting relationship with our clients is our priority.

From the initial birth of the project until the ultimate use of the building


Our BIM Management methodology is based on the standard BIM method. In order to respond to the core concerns of BIM projects it is reinforced by our own unique accelerators, tools and processes.

.This incorporates for example elements of PMP® (Project Management Professional).

To define a plan, follow its advancement, and perform the project in a collaborative manner


SIGHTLINE GROUP is the first French BIM company to offer a full range BIM services in their entirety.

Across its four business lines, SIGHTLINE GROUP implements BIM solutions which are adapted to the life and evolution of the building industry and to the management of multi-site and urban assets, whether they already exist, require renovation or are new projects

SIGHTLINE GROUP’s mission is to design and deliver solutions allowing the different teams in the construction process to manage and control the complex life cycle of the building

We help our clients obtain measurable economic advantages which will be implemented with the direct aid of our teams of BIM consultants which are established in order to support our clients throughout the entire process, maintaining quality throughout.

SIGHTLINE GROUP uses an internally developed methodology to identify and resolve problems of coordination between the different teams involved in construction.

A vision focussed on the long term


With strong growth objectives, SIGHTLINE GROUP sets itself two goals:
– To become a European Reference amongst consulting firms in BIM Management
– To offer its team professional training which is appealing, skill enhancing, and recognised in the market.


SIGHTLINE GROUP’s teams are recognised by their clients for their continued active involvement,  professionalismexpertise in the sector, and above all their continuous search for concrete results.

SIGHTLINE GROUP distinguishes itself from the competition with its values and beliefs about the consultancy profession, its style of intervention and its entrepreneurial spirit.

From the ‘scheduling’ phase through to the ‘utilisation’ phase


The area of expertise of SIGHTLINE GROUP covers a broad range of sectors including hospitals, offices, service centres, data centres and universities.


3D – Digital Models for design
4D – Management of projects and planning
5D – Budgeting and economic intelligence
• Creation and management of BIM databases
• BIM Management for both new and existing projects


SIGHTLINE GROUP constantly supports its clients in order to assure both quality and continued progress.

A multipurpose, versatile team


SIGHTLINE GROUP was created in 2014 by two associates, Saleha ASHRAF and Jacques LÉVY-BENCHETON, both of whom are passionate about digital modelling and understand the growing importance of its upstream integration in building projects throughout the entire life cycle of the building.

SIGHTLINE GROUP is managed by a team made up of our associates. All projects are developed by a project team composed of architects, engineers and civil planners with various fields of experience and expertise.

Saleha ASHRAF, General Director of SIGHTLINE GROUP, is an Information Systems Engineer with more than ten years of experience in International IS Projects management with HEWLETT PACKARD and INFOSYS LODESTONE. She also has an MBA in Strategy from the Solvay Brussels School.

Jacques LÉVY-BENCHETON, Managing Director of SIGHTLINE GROUP, has more than ten years of experience in BIM Management. As an architect he has been a management associate for the implementation of new technologies at BRUNET SAUNIER ARCHITECTURE since 1992 and is also the president of the BIM France association.


Bim Management

Multiple advantages

What is Bim ?

Actors in building projects

BIM Management

The positioning of BIM Management:

– BIM Management is an aide to the project manager, dedicated exclusively to the management of the BIM process in all of its technical, administrative and legal aspects during the entire life cycle of the building.

– It can be implemented in the case of a pre-existing asset.
In this situation, the management process begins with a diagnostic of the current asset, the establishment of objectives with the head manager and the modelling of the existing building.

– It can be implemented with new projects. In this case, the management process begins with the programming of the project in the retro-conception phase. It then continues during the entire life cycle of the building. It accompanies the head manager until the building is either demolished or reassigned. SIGHTLINE GROUP’s BIM management will coordinate all of the processes with close collaboration with the following BIM managers:

> BIM manager of conception – Project control

BIM manager of creation Entreprise

> BIM manager of utilisation – Final user

Multiple advantages

The cost.
Reduction of the initial cost of the construction and the cost on all of the life cycle of an asset built by at least 33 %

Time extension
Reduction of at least 50 % of all the deadlines extensions of design and realization phases, for the new constructions and the renovation of the existing building.

The Durability:
Towards an approach of the « green » building in a global and coherent way by the realization of life cycle analyses (ACV)

Record of executed works
The Quality:
Improve the quality by limiting the re-postings in order to limit the losses and the changes of data.
The communication and the synthesis on the unique model allows to avoid stumbling blocks and disputes during the construction phase.

What is BIM?


The building industry’s health records


BIM (Building Information Modelling), also called ‘Digital Modelling’, is a method and process of representation of a construction project via three dimensional digital modelling on a computer which integrates the core data to ensure better planning, design, creation and also actual usage and ongoing maintenance.
BIM responds to the current movement towards the dematerialisation of public markets.
Its use allows the improvement of the energy efficiency of the building, the reduction of construction time and costs as well as the costs associated with its actual use. The use of a detailed three dimensional model which contains all of the essential information and which is modifiable at will, facilitates an overall visualisation of the project. This information is then easily transferred between all of the different teams involved.

BIM leads to a collaborative work effort which can occur simultaneously and non-sequentially.

BIM creates a win-win situation. All of the parties receive the benefits of this process whilst avoiding potential mistakes and unnecessary costs which are often associated with communication delays and errors. (also called, clash detection process).

Actors in building projects

The main users are:
• Architects (47%)
• Engineers (29%)
• Entrepreneurs (24%)

Additionally, even if the architects, engineers and entrepreneurs are the principal users of BIM today, here are some examples of tomorrow’s potential BIM users:
• Investors in order to guarantee ROI
• Promoters in order to secure margins
• Project managers in order to guarantee the best quality of the project
• Users in order to control maintenance costs
• Owners in order to manage a budget









4 business lines

Four business lines, responding to the principal needs of BIM:

A selection of processes, tools and services

• Strategy Line
• Project Line
• Model Line
• Form Line

Guaranteeing an optimal coordination of your needs and objectives

With STRATEGY LINE, SIGHTLINE GROUP allows its clients to precisely define their needs upstream in order to guarantee an optimal quality level for the project

To achieve this, SIGHTLINE GROUP makes use of experienced consultants with proven expertise in both the domains of strategy counselling and BIM Management. This united expertise allows SIGHTLINE GROUP to deliver real added value to architectural projects which require the integration of BIM upstream.

STRATEGY LINE consists principally of:

– The definition and analysis of needs and objectives
– The deployment of the adopted BIM strategy
– Preparation and support in the drafting of offers
– Reverse engineering and planning in relation to existing assets

Outsourced project management

For a better managed work centre.

With PROJECT LINE, SIGHTLINE GROUP allows its clients to outsource their project management in order to guarantee the quality and the timing of the project.

Choosing PROJECT LINE thus allows all of the parties involved in a project to focus on their specialised tasks. BIM Management itself is also entrusted to an expert whose core business this is, i.e.SIGHTLINE GROUP

PROJECT LINE consists principally of:

– Writing the BIM execution plan and the rules of modelling structure
– Implementation of the collaborative process
– Management of the digital model or models
– Study, research, design and creation
– Establishment and management of the construction site
– Facility and asset management

Digital Modeling

At the centre of the BIM process and project team.

With MODEL LINE, SIGHTLINE GROUP offers modeling services to its clients, allowing them to outsource their digital modeling needs.

Outsourcing digital modelling ensures successful modelling of their architectural projects whilst controlling fixed costs.

Choosing MODEL LINE is choosing a greater internal flexibility whilst benefitting from an accrued level of quality thanks to a team constituted of experts whose core expertise is digital modeling.

MODEL LINE consists notably of:
– Implementing modeling services
– Establishing project management teams
– Management of databases

Implementing a BIM process

This occurs through a learning process with the entire project team.

With FORM LINE, SIGHTLINE GROUP proposes training to its clients in order to accompany them into the new era of BIM.

By 2017, BIM will be obligatory for public markets. It is thus necessary that all the actors involved in public markets be trained in this field.

Choosing FORM LINE today anticipates the requirements of tomorrow.

FORM LINE consists principally of:
– Training in the management of integral BIM processes
– Training for the project manager and operators in the understanding of the BIM approach

Change management in the BIM environment

Technologies, Procedures, People

The implementation of BIM concerns the entire ecosystem. Change must be progressive and allow the structure to be in the best condition possible after the implementation of BIM. The human factor is a key, though often under-estimated, factor in the successful implementation of BIM.

In order to support our clients, SIGHTLINE GROUP organises and manages the change processes around 3 work axes:

– Communication

– Structure organisation

– Training

Research and development

SIGHTLINE GROUP collaborates with Laboratoire d’Analyse de Données et d’Intelligence des Systèmes (data analysis and systems intelligence laboratory) of CEA Tech

The goal is to find and create different research and development subjects that CEA Tech could develop within their budget, through the use of the digital modelling of the life cycle of the building.






« Sightline Group sera présent au salon du BIM World 2019, le 2 & 3 avril à Paris Expo Porte de Versailles – 75015 Paris. Venez rencontrer nos experts BIM sur notre stand A20, nous répondrons à toutes vos questions : Implémentation des processus BIM Management de projet BIM Organisation de formation Change...

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